Indecent Proposal – What Lingerie to Pack When He’s Going to Pop the Question

He’s taking you away this weekend to propose. He thinks you don’t know. But you know. First there were the lingering glances at jewellery store windows; then, the sudden interest in your hands and the furtive rooting around in your jewellery box. And this weekend away? An uncharacteristically romantic gesture if ever there was one… All, naturally, about as subtle as a sledgehammer.

So what can you do to make the whole thing an occasion to really remember? One small word: lingerie, of course. It’s got to be fabulous. Here, then, is your ultimate seduction wardrobe checklist – guaranteed to blow him away and make absolutely sure there are no last-minute second thoughts…

Pretty & Practical

Train journey, flight, or Bridget Jones-style soft-top drive to a weekend at a country house – whichever way you come at it, you’ve got a long day’s travelling ahead. Everyday sensuality is obviously the name of the game here: you want to feel comfortable while still looking great. Nothing too functional, though, just in case you end up stripping off as soon as you get to your hotel room…

Smoking Swimwear

You’re going to a hotel. And what do hotels have? Pools. And, for that matter, Jacuzzis. He might have booked you a sybaritic spa treatment; he might pop the question in the Jacuzzi with a glass of something or other; or you might just spend a lazy afternoon by the pool before that special evening he’s got planned.

But whatever the afternoon has in store, it’s essential to make sure you’ve packed the swimwear that’s going to really do you justice. Bikini, tankini, swimsuit, high leg, shorts, halterneck… Everyone knows what suits them best. It’s up to you to make sure you look like a latter-day Venus as you rise from the water.

Sultry & Strapless

Dinner will have been booked. And you need to look a million dollars. You’ve packed that little black dress, and you need a good strapless bra to match. So what are we talking? Uplift. Obviously. Go for something with a little bit of padding in the bottom of the cup for a bit of extra ‘perk’. And comfort: because you really don’t want to spend all night fidgeting with the damn thing. Or for it to leave any nasty red marks behind.

Naughty Night-time

If night-time’s come around and he still hasn’t made his intentions clear, now’s the time for you to really shine. When you get in, send him out for head-ache tablets; while he’s gone, slip into that A-game, knock-him-dead outfit you’ve been saving for just such an occasion as this. A cheeky ensemble of under-bust corset with nipple pasties ought to do it. And who knows? It might even see him scuttling back to the shop to get a bigger rock.

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