Repairing a Chamberlain garage door isn’t always an easy task and is best left up to a professional. You can do some of your own troubleshooting if you put your mind to it. If you see four flashes coming from the sensor then it is mis-aligned. If you see five flashes coming from the unit then the motor may be overheated. If you Sectional Garage Doors With Windows see six lights blinking on the logic board led then the lx/rx board is broken and needs repair. Rapid flashing means that the Chamberlain opener may not be programmed properly to respond and needs needs to be re-programmed. Always be sure to disconnect the power to the garage door opener before doing any troubleshooting.
If the garage door doesn’t work from the control panel or the remote control then you need to check a few things. Check to see if the outlet works. Check anything else plugged into that particular outlet to see if it is working. This is a good way to see if the outlet is working or not. Be sure to check the circuit breaker and fuse box as well. If there is shorted bell control or a shorted bell wire, they’ll need to be fixed or removed. If the overload protector trips inside the motor, you’ll need to wait for twenty minutes and try it again.
If the door operates only from the remote control and not the wall unit control, then you’ll need to do a few things. The control on the door might not be working correctly. Disconnect the wires from the door control and short the white and red wires to see Garage Door Anti Vibration Pads if the door works. Replace the door control if the unit opens. Open the bell wire. Disconnect the wires from the logic board receiver. Short the red and white terminals to see if the unit works right. Replace the bell wire if the unit is working correctly.

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