Guide to White Ceramic Floor Tile

Guide to White Ceramic Floor Tile

White ceramic floor tile is very neutral. Kitchens are very expensive to remodel so you probably want to choose a material that can last for a long time. This will make the most of your budget because you can always go in a lot of different design directions without changing up your floor in the future. Here are a few design tips for decorating with white ceramic floor tile.

Change up the size. When you decorate with a very basic material it’s important to make it all your own. This will help it to work in your space. You can still use neutral materials but can get a unique look out of it. An easy way to do this is to just go with a smaller or larger floor tile. A larger floor tile can look very luxurious although it might be a little bit more expensive. You can also try laying the tile in a diamond pattern instead of going with a basic horizontal pattern. This might cost you little bit more money and you’ll definitely have to do a little bit more math but it can really help you get a custom look.

Find a pattern with personality. You don’t want your white ceramic floor tile to be boring or not get noticed because you’ll be spending a fair amount of money on it. You can find different patterns by going with a cultured marble look for a very sophisticated room. Another option would be to go with vintage honeycomb tile reproduction. This is perfect for a bathroom. Be aware that you’ll have a lot of grout lines to clean, but it really helps get that classic feel and add a few interesting geometric lines to your room.

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Give the color white a luxurious feeling. This is important when you are decorating with a neutral color. It will help your room from becoming boring. You can do this just by trying to soften up the white. For instance, in a bathroom you could create a spa look. You’ll want all of the white fixtures to have a high end feel. Tie in your white ceramic tile with a bright fabric shower curtain, luxurious towels, pedestal sinks, and white paint on the walls. You can work white into your overall color scheme just by bringing in a few accessories that will really make a big difference in your room.