How To Shop During The Sale

When I go shopping I am on a mission.

I march in and out of shops in an almost military precision and I know exactly what I have in mind. I have pre-planned my purchase(s) in my head and I feel disciplined for once and I prefer to shop alone. In the past I have shopped with friends who have bored me to tears – the ones who try everything on – I mean everything.

I’ve been guilty of being talked into buying something that wasn’t really ‘me’ or did not represent my style which I’ve later regretted, thanks to the pushy salesperson. Once I set foot through the doors of a shop, I can sense straight away if I am going to fall in love with something or not. It’s instinct. A classic example of my impulse purchases is driving to a shopping centre to get some ‘milk’ but at the back of my mind, I have a hidden agenda.

I end up going home with a pair of shoes, a clutch and a top on sale (minus the milk).

Shops have a subtle way of seducing innocent shoppers to spend more and stay longer. The upbeat or mellow music, the dark lighting, the scent, those wonderful mirrors that can make you look longer and slimmer. Fashion mistakes happen all the time. Wrong purchases are bought everyday. Time and time again I have vowed to stick to a written list which almost always disappears every time I head out. And with so many clearance sales, it’s so easy to be tempted and succumb to the reduced prices.

Here are some shopping tips to ensure you only buy items you need to fill the missing gaps in your wardrobe.

• Say goodbye: Go through your wardrobe and cull items that you no longer need, want, are out of shape or you haven’t worn in months or years.

• Shopping List: After de-cluttering your wardrobe, create a list of missing items. This is the most important step, so be honest and don’t skip this (and don’t forget this when shopping).

• Go for comfort: Wear something comfortable and dress appropriately. You will find you will get treated better.

• Luxury is sexy: When buying items on sale, go for luxurious textiles like cashmere, which can be very expensive when not on sale.

• Love your shape: Buy for your body shape and ignore the size on the tag. Remember, if you buy something that is too small, you will end up with the dreaded ‘muffin top’.

• Stick to classics: Classics will never be out of style. Think leather jackets, dark denim, white shirts and black dresses.

• Feed yourself: Never shop when you’re hungry. As strange as it may sound shopping on an empty stomach could mean rushing a purchase and not being able to think straight.

• Try it on: Most sale items cannot be returned. You don’t want another piece of item taking up space in your already bursting wardrobe.

• The bottom line: Wear the right underwear so you will feel great when trying clothes on.

• Have a budget in mind: Don’t put it on your card so you’ll never feel guilty. If you can’t afford it, leave it.

• Fall in love: Make sure you are in love with it so you will get your money’s worth and feel great every time you wear it.

By master