These days, it’s not so unusual to see bungalow-type homes have portable carports up in addition to their built-in garages. Instead of having an extension constructed to have additional parking space for their vehicles, portable carports are preferred because not only are they the less expensive option, they also do the job better.
The idea of carports as an alternative to garages isn’t exactly new. In fact, they have been around since 1909, when they were first used by Prairie School architect Walter Griffin in his home designs. The term “carport” was coined by famed American architect Frank Lloyd Wright when he began using it for his own home designs and called it as such due to the visual connection between streamlined residences and nautical imagery. While some refer to them as portable garages, they differ from an actual garage in the sense that they have open rather than walled sides.
Also unlike garages, they do not require doors or a door opener and may be built alongside a building or home or be free-standing. Most carports you’ll see these days are built out front of a home leading in from the main driveway or positioned in backyards with dirt, concrete, gravel or paved pathways. Its supporting structure consists of posts and a roof, and can be made from wood, vinyl, aluminum and steel.
Steel or metal carports are the most popular choices for carports these days, due to its durability and resistance to insect infestations and mold from water damage. They are considered a great investment because in addition to being cheap to construct, you can also easily disassemble it in the event your storage needs change or you need to Garage Door Mechanism Types relocate. These portable carports are also a huge advantage if you live in areas that experience heavy snowfall, sleet or rain because they save you the trouble of shoveling your driveway or brushing snow from your windshields and you don’t have to worry that your vehicles will get too wet or that their roofs will get damaged from hail.
As far as actual construction is concerned, it is by far easier to install carports even without the help of professional builders. You can buy a DIY kit on a Friday afternoon and have it up and ready to use by Sunday. You can also find portable carports for sale online that are made from sturdy steel and already come equipped with gutters and downpipes.
It’s versatility in construction is also one reason for its rising popularity. Depending on the surface you want to build it on, you can do your anchoring in a variety of ways – for sandy surfaces for example, you can anchor with augers and if building on concrete, you can consider those pre-punched holes and steel mounting options for easy assembly so that all you have to worry about is putting it together.
It is also versatile in the sense that you can use it for other things like outings to the beach as a parking space for your car on the dunes, as a stall at a flea market if you are selling things or as protection for your kennel of hunting dogs. You can also use these carports as a tent of sorts for outdoor events like weddings or family gatherings to make sure no one gets wet in case it rains. The fact that you can also customize it according to your needs is another plus, whether you use it as a parking space or for a social event.
But perhaps the best advantage of installing portable carports is the fact that installing one doesn’t mean you have to pay for taxes. Many garage owners pay a certain amount of tax in some places around the world but since Clopay Bronze Garage Door a portable carport is not a permanent fixture, it is exempt from tax. Cheap, easy to install and customizable… these should be enough reasons to convince you that portable carports are better than garages, right?

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