What Is a Raised Dog Bed and Why Buy One?

Some may think that having a raised dog bed is simply over the top. On the contrary, providing one of these beds to your favorite pooch will actually improve their health. Would you rather sleep on the floor or up high on a mattress frame?

I can’t answer for you, but I would prefer being higher up off of the floor. I couldn’t imagine trying to get up off the floor in the morning. In addition, I highly doubt that I would even get a good night’s sleep. Oh, a dog pillow? No, I don’t think I would do that either because they become lumpy and smelly too. Would you want to sleep on a lumpy, uneven bed that stinks? So why would you let your dog?

What Is a Raised Dog Bed?

A raised dog bed is a unique system that is constructed of a strong frame and very durable fabric that is attached to the frame. The frame has extended legs that lift the sheet of fabric up off of the floor and into the air. Think of a cot but with much shorter legs.

Don’t consider it a waste of money; consider a raised dog bed as an investment in your dog’s life. The next time your dog lays down on the hard wood or tile floor, watch what he does when he hits the floor. Does he “plop” down when he hits the floor and does he make a pitiful sound at the same time?

Advantages of Using a Raised Dog Bed

The availability of this type of bed will allow your dog to gently lower himself onto the fabric. When his body reaches the surface of the material, it won’t be a grunt you hear but a sigh of relief. Comfort is the number one reason that this type of bed is used; especially for older dogs with arthritis or other joint issues.

Compared to a regular dog bed pillow, a raised bed won’t hold odors or retain moisture or mold. In addition, these unique beds are easy to clean. Simply wipe the fabric off with a damp sponge or hose it off outside and allow to completely dry. You can’t do that with a dog bed pillow. Fleas and other insects won’t hang around longer either like they do with a traditional bed pillow.

How to Choose a Proper Bed

When you are picking out your sweet pooches new bed, think about what you would look for in a bed for you. You look for plenty of room, ease to get in and off, comfort and possibly style. You want to look for the same characteristics in a bed for your dog that you would for you.

Most beds come in multiple sizes to fit any breed. It doesn’t matter if you have a Toy Poodle or a Mastiff; there is a size for each one. The next thing you want to look at is the frame and how durable it is. You also want to ensure that the frame is chew proof. Also, check out the material that is used. Is the fabric easy to clean and is it tough enough to support your dog while dealing with their nails too?

Your dog deserves the best and a hard, cold floor is not their just reward. Provide your faithful companion with a raised dog bed for comfort and better health.

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