How To Recycle Wardrobe Sliding Doors

There are many ways to be creative with old wardrobe sliding doors. Whether you are just going for an upgrade or your old doors have become damaged, it is a much better decision to reuse or recycle them and keep them out of a polluting garbage dump.

If the doors are still intact and you simply desire a new look or have found a style that makes a better fit for your room, there are a few ways to get a few extra miles out of your doors. One idea is to sell them. If there is nothing wrong with them than just be careful to remove the tracks gently and save all the screws and extra parts. Put small parts in a plastic bag and tape it to the door. If you saved the installation instructions or manual that came with it, attach that to the door as well with a bit of tape.

You probably won’t get more than fifty dollars for your bedroom sliding doors, unless you are a marketing genius, but that small contribution makes up for the time it took you to disassemble the door, snap a pic and post it to craigslist. If you do not want people coming to your house you can always arrange a meeting at a public place to make the exchange. Always insist on cash, do not let someone talk you into a check. Cash is so easy to procure these days you should be highly suspicious of a person that says they don’t have any.

You can also give the doors to a charity. Local churches will often come and pick up your goods for you and give you a donation receipt for your taxes. If you want to get rid of the doors fast, without a hassle, try posting to the FREE section of Craigslist. Title the post “CURB ALERT” and briefly describe your doors. A picture will help them disappear faster but they will go anyway. Make sure to add the address where they can be picked up and place them by the curb. Problem solved!

If your doors are damaged or broken you could break them up and use them in a fire pit or make another “curb alert” post and describe it as scrap wood for fires. This new description will give people a great idea on how to use the free offering. Whether you decide to burn them in your backyard bonfire or give them to someone in need, reusing and recycling your wardrobe sliding doors will help the earth and lift your spirits.

By master