Tips For Selecting Your Bathroom Ceramic Tile

Bathroom ceramic tile is durable. It enables you to have savings as there is no need for you to replace it for several years. However, it does not mean that all them are the same. Quality is important for your tile bathroom to last longer.

Ceramic is versatile and it makes the best bathroom floors. Unlike wood, ceramic does not warp like wood flooring does, when it gets wet from liquid or humidity.

According to experts, the average life span of ceramic is twenty years. Hence, you see them on in bathrooms, foyers, pools, and small rooms for changing clothing. Bathroom ceramic tile comes in different grades and thickness.

The most expensive is the Italian ceramic. It runs about one and a half inch. The finishes have several varieties as well. There is a high gloss. There is also a matte surface. Even the texture is of vital importance. You can choose from smooth surface to those with deep impression.

To help you choose which grade is ideal for you, you should know about the five class numbers of tiles. Class 1 is good for walls. It could be bathroom walls or home finishing. Class 2 is good for a place where it does not receive heavy foot traffic often such as the room for changing clothes besides a swimming pool.

Class 3 is for bedrooms and bathrooms because their thickness matches the foot traffic that a room accommodates. If you have a foyer, class 4 should be your choice. Class 5 is commonly not for homes. Rather it is for public places like school hallways and similar areas.

Bathroom ceramic tile is excellent for people who have allergies. The ceramic does not trap molds, dust or pollen. In addition, it is fire resistant. Thus, it also makes a good covering around a fire place.

Tiles come in different shapes, colors, sizes, and designs. Even bathroom tiles can sport different themes. You have to know the specifications for your bathroom, so you will know the quantity in buying them.

Setting your budget is important in choosing your bathroom tiles. As mentioned earlier, the price of one tile depends on its thickness. Thicker tiles are higher in price, because they are last longer than thin ones.

Some compromise quality by spending too much attention to the style. Or, some compromise their budget by choosing the wrong class number. So that you will be happy with every time you enter your bathroom, balance the quality, budget and style.

Moreover, the style of your bathroom ceramic tiles should reflect a bright mood whenever someone uses the bathroom. Make it lively and attractive. You may think of the atmosphere you want to convey in your bathroom.

If you want a light and airy feeling, you can choose bathroom ceramic tiles with lighter shades. White makes the space larger. So if you use it, your bathroom will appear to have a bigger space. Besides the flooring, you may also have an option to put tiles on your bathroom wall.

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