Interior Design to Help With the January Blues

Once another Christmas has come and gone, the decorations and all the festive trimmings have been taken down, all of a sudden everything looks a bit dull. The January blues have set in and your bedroom suddenly feels a bit desolate now that all the gifts and wrapping paper have been cleared.

If you are feeling a bit down in the dumps, then a bit of interior design or a bit of DIY can often be the perfect pick-me-up, and the bedroom is a fantastic place to lavish with some much needed TLC. Sometimes the bedroom is the only place of escape, when the house gets so frantic that you just need an urgent time out!

So, if you do have the post Christmas blues and fancy a bedroom revolution to the get the New Year started, then here are just a few tips and suggestions.

Redecorate – You are probably more than familiar with this process, especially if you have been in your existing home for some time and you know you always feel better once everywhere has been freshened up. So, budget permitting, a fresh coat of paint or a really modern roll of wallpaper will get you started. Perhaps just use the wallpaper on a single wall and make it a feature wall. If you have some paper left, you could actually neatly cut it and place it into two or three picture frames. You will have actually created your own wall art and in addition it already matches your new scheme!

Accessories – Now you have nicely decorated walls, some new curtains to complement your scheme will be a great addition with perhaps a duvet cover that either matches or blends.

Bedroom Furniture – For some reason, our bedroom furniture is often the thing we consider last and is often cobbled together and mismatched. If you have made the journey this far, why not also revolutionise or at the very least revamp your furniture?

If you have only ever had cumbersome, free-standing wardrobes, why not invest in some sliding wardrobe doors. They are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes and you will save so much space, you might finally be able to say goodbye to that old monster that your clothes were stuffed into! You can have hanging rails and draws galore, depending on your preference and all of your clothes and other storage items will be hidden behind those sliding doors.

Available in many different shapes, sizes and designs, you will be able to work them perfectly into your freshly decorated bedroom. Once finished, not only will you have a beautiful bedroom but you will have been kept busy and kept away those January blues.

By master