How to Organize Your Oak Wardrobe

Any girl’s closet would be chaotic if you don’t take time to organize it. It’s a known fact that girls tend to mess up things, especially if they need to go somewhere and they don’t have any clothes to wear. A lot of girls have the habit of hoarding clothes that they don’t need or haven’t worn at all. That’s the main reason why a lot of people make an effort to find a space in their home for oak wardrobes. This is the best place where you can store and keep things in order. If you want to avoid chaos, the best thing to do is start fixing everything. Here are some things that can help you out:

• While you are in the task of folding and segregating your clothes, this would also be the best time to get rid of those things that you can’t or don’t use anymore. This will give you more space for some of your other things. Keeping clothes that you don’t use will only add up to the pile and will do you no good. If you want, you can give them away or sell them through a garage sale. This will give you an extra income that you can add to your savings.

• To make it easier to find, make it a point to categorize your clothes according to style, or better yet, classify them per season, so that you know what’s appropriate to wear all year round. Aside from making your room look clean, it will also allow you to pull out anything that you need right away. Some oak wardrobes have small compartments and drawers, so make sure you maximize its use.

• Color coding your clothes inside your oak wardrobe is also a good idea. Doing this will allow you to mix and match your garments easily. Try to layout the colors accordingly. You can start with the lightest to darkest or vise versa. It doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as you are comfortable with it.

• Organizing your garments according to what you wear daily and those for special occasions is also a good idea. This will make it easier to pull out things when you’re late for school or for work. You should also put those clothes that you always wear on top of the pile, so that you won’t mess up those that are folded underneath them.

• Adding hooks for your belts, hats, necklaces and other accessories is also a good idea. Instead of scattering them anywhere, organizing them inside a closet will be much better. Try to put each accessory in one corner of your oak wardrobe, so that it will look neat and clean.

Keeping your closet in order tells a lot about you as a person. Make an effort to maintain its organization, so that you won’t have a hard time looking for your things. It would also be good to plan your outfit ahead of time, so that you won’t have to rummage through your closet every time you need something.

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