Choosing Floor Tiles to Suit Your Home

The key to improving your home is choosing the right type of flooring. There are a wide selection of materials and designs that you can choose from whether you prefer the rustic feel of stone and terracotta or if you prefer the smooth finish of porcelain or ceramic floor tiles. It’s no surprise that it can get quite confusing and difficult to tell the difference between all these different kinds of tiles. If you want to choose the right type of floor tile, then it’s important to understand the specific job that certain tiles do. So here are some pointers to help you choose a beautiful floor that will suit your home.

There are two main categories of floor tiles. These are porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles. There are three types of porcelain natural, glazed and polished. Natural porcelain is normally referred to as unglazed and unpolished. These kinds of tile are dense and have a low absorption rate, therefore would be great for the frost. Porcelain comes in three types of polish which are a matte finish, unglazed and highly polished. The glazed tiles can either come partially or fully glazed. The degree of glaze is down the process of manufacture. The average absorption rate is around 50 percent, but there are some tiles that have around 10 percent. And if the top layer of the tile is made from clay, then this is a great advantage because this contributes to the low absorption rate. The great advantage of glazed tiles is that you can polish them further.

Polished porcelain is available in a granite finish and the tile surface is unglazed. These tiles go through an extra manufacturing stage to make them more water resistant. But this process does create pores on the surface, so it’s important to use a good sealer when laying the tiles. If the tiles aren’t sealed correctly in the laying process then this could lead to potential staining of the tiles.

It’s important to take into consideration the overall look of your home when you’re choosing the type of tile for your home improvement task. Floor tiles tend to be quite durable and easy to clean, as well as providing durable, stylish and comfortable flooring that is perfect for your home. Mosaic tiles are the ultimate in floor tiling, and you can add your own personal pattern and design when laying them. It’s really down to your personal preference, as they can be extravagant and admirable by others.

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