Discover 3 Big Reasons to Avoid Buying a Reverse Osmosis Water Dispenser

Are you considering a water purification system for your home? It’s a smart idea considering that most pubic water has thousands of toxic chemicals in it. A reverse osmosis water dispenser is a common filtration system however it needs to be avoided. It can actually make your water less healthy than not filtering it at all.

Contaminant Filtration Problem

So, first thing, how do reverse osmosis water filtering systems work? Well, they have a filter that uses a membrane that is supposed to remove contaminants. The problem with this is toxic chemicals that have molecules that same size or smaller than water will pass right through the filter.

Typical contaminants that are smaller than water are pesticides, chlorine, and pharmaceutical drugs. People buy a reverse osmosis water dispenser thinking that now have pure water. Well, the filter may have removed some of the chemicals but there’s still loads of nasty toxins in it.

Removes Healthy Minerals

You may not know this but tap water has loads of healthy minerals. In fact, drinking your daily water requirement will also mean you’ve also met your daily mineral intake requirement too.

Reverse osmosis water filtering systems remove all of the healthy minerals from your water. Studies have shown that drinking de-mineralized water is hazardous to your health. When you have a mineral deficiency, your body will allow free radicals to grown rapidly. These free radicals can lead to diseases like cancer.

Wastes Water

For every gallon of water that comes out your taps, you’ll have three to five gallons wasted. This is obviously not environmentally friendly. Plus, if you are on a water meter, your water bill will get very expensive.

So, now what? You know what not buy but you still want to have purified water. Well, there is a system that works great.

A multi stage carbon filtration system is the only way to go. It removes 99.9% of all of the toxic chemicals from your water including pesticides, chlorine, and pharmaceutical drugs that a reverse osmosis water dispenser can’t remove. All of the healthy minerals will be there after your water is filtered.

Carbon filter systems are easy to install and less expensive than other types of systems. You can get one that fits under your kitchen sink, installed on your shower head, or one that purifies all of the water in your home.

Some food for thought on buying a reverse osmosis water dispenser. Your next step? Check out a carbon filtration system today.

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