How to Fix Damaged Floor Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic floor tiles are available in different shapes, sizes and thickness. The choice depends on the rooms or areas for tiling. Damage may be caused by a falling hammer or object on the tiled floor. The ares for ceramic floors is in bathrooms, cloakrooms, patios, terraces, kitchens, stores, lobbies, walk ways and verandas. This places have water being used therefore wet always. Other places are lobbies and entrances due to human traffic.

Once the damaged ceramic floor tile is known, then the replacement is purchased. A damaged or broken piece may be located at a corner, thus shaping would be required. To commence laying, the floor surface would need to be prepared. This will start by removing the broken pieces. After this then, hacking off the dry grouting beneath is done. Ensure that the edges of the adjacent tiles are not chipped. Remove arising debris before proceeding.

When fixing ceramic floor tiles, care is taken not to damage the good tiles. To start laying tiles, the surfaces are wetted for about forty minutes. A mix of cement and sand is used. The ratio is one part cement and two parts sand to get a rich mix. Add just enough water to make a consistent mixture. Wood float and spread mortar into the area. Apply cement grouting on top like cake icing. Place the tile on top while pounding it with a mallet to level.

After replacing the damaged floor tiles, add grouting after two hours. This grouting should be matching with the tile. Ensure grouting in the joints around is even. Rake out the excess grouting and use a dry clothe to wipe it off. Clean the floor. Place a warning sign not to step on this area until after twenty four hours. Wet the area for one hour the following day. By this time the area is dry and the ceramic floor is back to its original good state.

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