Finding the Ideal Wardrobe Boxes

When moving, most people certainly consider the number of boxes required. Some people even plan for different size boxes for different types of items. However, different types of boxes should be used for different things. For instance, wardrobe boxes offer significant benefits for packing clothing. These boxes are designed for hanging clothes, and help ensure that they remain in good condition, unwrinkled during the move.

However, not all wardrobe storage boxes are created equal. What should you look for in a good option? You will find these boxes available from top name suppliers, such as U-Haul and Home Depot. In addition, they should feature heavy duty construction to safeguard your garments during the move. One thing you might want to consider during the move is the size of the wardrobe boxes that you use. Very tall boxes tend to waste usable space in the moving truck and often have wasted space inside the box. “Shorty” boxes are tall enough for many types of garments, such as shorts and jackets, but they do not waste any space at the bottom.

Of course, if you have very long garments, such as formal dresses, long coats and other items that take up more room, then you will want to invest in taller wardrobe boxes. You will also find “space saver” boxes, as well as lay-down wardrobe boxes that can offer benefits for some people. One final note on these boxes concerns the clothing bar. Most wardrobe storage boxes include some type of bar from which to hang your clothing. Make sure that the bar is sufficiently strong for your garments. Some bars are made of plastic, while others are made of metal. Choosing the right type of bar for your application is important to ensuring that your garments arrive in the condition you expect.

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