3 Good Reasons Why Your First Floor Vases Should Be Ceramic

People who have just built their own homes should use ceramic floor vases first before attempting the other types. First of all, they tend to be the lowest priced items of floor decor that you can get. That is because the materials used to make the ordinary grade of ceramic vases are the cheapest. Even vases made of plant parts are more expensive because they are more difficult to execute. Secondly, plain and unglazed ceramic pottery will fit in with almost any style of decor. That is because the basic color of the material is close to that of wood. Thirdly, ceramic pottery does not need as much attention as glass, porcelain or crystal. In spite of that, it can be just as decorative as the vases made of those materials.

Clay is the cheapest material for floor vases

You could say that earthenware vases, the least expensive of containers, are ‘dirt cheap.’ The peasants in Asia could only afford to use this type of vessel. Even today, they are very economically priced. You may even get antique earthenware vases that do not cost much more than contemporary ones. You should expect to break a few floor vases the first time you start using them. That is because you have not yet found the right way to proof them for your house, given the people who move around in it. So it will not be wise to start out with expensive vases until you have gained considerable experience in displaying them.

Minimal design is not a problem with ceramic floor vases

You do not often see a dazzling, plain white porcelain floor vase. That is due to the fact that the texture of porcelain naturally requires some embellishment for its appeal to come out. Ceramic vases, on the other hand can be plain and still make a statement about the room. That is partly because the natural color of the material is closely related in hue and texture to wood and earth. And then you have the fact that most of the time, you will probably be filling the vase with artificial flowers anyway. People will hardly ever get to see more than its lower half.

Blemishes and dirt are not as apparent in unglazed ceramics

Unglazed ceramic floor vases won’t require much to clean and maintain. Dirt and stains will not be prominent. This is especially true if the vase you have is porous and water absorbent. You can simply dab the dirt with some water and wait for the pot to absorb the dissolved stains. Keeping ceramic vases on their feet is not a problem either. You can fill them with stones without worrying about damaging any glaze. Alternatively you can just glue them to the floor. The glue won’t show even if you pull off the vase eventually.

For all those reasons, people who are just starting to use floor vases should begin with ceramic pieces. They can be acquired for much less than vases made of other materials. They blend in easily with all types of decor owing to the natural hue of clay. Dirt and stains will not be apparent on unglazed ceramics because clay pottery has its own discolorations.

Ceramic floor vases are really the most convenient types of vases to get for interior decorating. To take advantage of what they have to offer you only need to become more familiar with them.

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