Homeowners rarely think about how often they use their garage door. For some, a garage acts as a converted workshop or a storage shed as well as a place to shuffle an automobile into when the weather turns violent. For others, garages protect vehicles from vandalism or theft. Whatever the reason, Chamberlain Door Opener Troubleshooting a working garage door is perhaps the most important part of the entire building. As annoying as it is when a garage door breaks, these malfunctions can be more than just a bothersome repair. If the weight of a falling door strikes a vehicle or a person, the damage and injury can be catastrophic.
If a person is pulling in or backing out of their garage when the door falls, the weight of the door can easily cause serious damage to the body of the vehicle, as well as possible injury to the driver or passengers if it strikes the top of the passenger compartment. While car accidents affect areas that are technologically designed to be hit, such as front and rear bumpers, a crashing downward force is unexpected for most vehicles. As a result, there may be less protection for the vehicle in these cases.
When a falling door collapses onto a person who is not in a vehicle, the injury can be severe. As the forces are falling downward, the head, neck, or shoulders are often compromised, each being particularly sensitive to damage. A heavy blow to the top of the head can be extremely dangerous, and may even prove fatal.
Accidents involving malfunctioning doors can be prevented by manufacturers checking the quality of their chains, motors, and the installation process. To learn more about how a garage When Were Sectional Garage Doors Invented door accident can be avoided and what injured individuals can do to protect their financial stability amid repair and hospital bills, contact a defective garage door opener lawyer.

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