These days, there are great variety of colors and designs available to anyone who is picking out a new garage door. Garages are becoming more and more important part of our houses and often the Chamberlain C870 part of our house that is most clearly seen from the street. Therefore, it pays to give a little time and attention in choosing one that suits your house and shows it to the best advantage.
If you are willing to spend the money, you can get custom designed doors from a number of different companies. The latest fashion is carriage-style doors that look similar to what you might expect on an old-fashioned carriage house. They are extremely attractive and often crafted from real wood, but also expensive. Carriage doors are especially suitable for large homes with multiple garages.
If you want your house to look modern, you can purchase contemporary styles in steel and glass with vivid colors. You can also buy garage doors made from real copper. Most of us purchase what are called raised-paneled garage doors, and these are also available in a variety of patterns. You can get your panels in straight vertical lines or grooved boxes, or other combinations.
Most of the time, garage doors are available in neutral tones: shades of off-white, beige and khaki. If you are getting your custom designed, you can pick almost any color you want. Just make sure that you coordinate with your brick or siding, the mortar between your bricks, or the trim on your house. If you can’t afford more expensive doors and can’t find a color you like in what you can afford, you can always paint it yourself. Painting your garage door a new color is easy and inexpensive using latex exterior paint. In fact, if you have an older but still functional door and simply wish to give the overall look a “facelift,” painting may be the perfect option for you.
Another option design feature of garage doors is windows. Windows can increase the attractiveness of the door and are also available in a wide range of styles and kinds; from plain, functional rectangles all the way up to sunbursts and other small-paned patterns. The hardware too can be pretty: platinum, brass or wrought iron.
Even the kind of pane you have in those windows can vary. There are tempered glass, lead glass and molded acrylic that come beveled or shaped or even colored. You can get your windows clear, tinted, frosted or pebbled. When you are picking colors, you should consider the style of your Maintenance Of Roller Shutter Garage Doors house and other windows. In that way, your garage will enhance the beauty of your home, and not detract from it. All in all, it’s clear that garages are no longer a simple utility feature of the home, they have become as much of a fashion statement as any other part of the house.

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