So you have a teenager that who will soon turn 18. And like your parents have done before, you may have spent countless hours thinking what gift you will give your teenager.
A sleek and shiny new Apple iPad? An elegant 18 karat gold necklace? A trip to a sunny tropical island paradise? Well, those are some of the most memorable gifts that a parent can offer. Yet “memorable” certainly ranks behind “unforgettable”.
For an 18 year old, the ultimate unforgettable gift would be a car. It would be the gift of all gifts-something that a sleek tech gadget or a shiny jewelry cannot match.
But there are things you need to consider before you buy a car for your teenager. One of those is would you have enough space to accommodate the new car in your garage? What if you are doubling up your garage as a woodworking station? What if you are using your garage for your weekend electronic repair hobby? If you use your garage as a work area, then chances are you would not have enough extra space for a new car.
So, what will you do? Build an extra shed so that you can move out your huge workbench and tools out of the garage? That seems a rather logical solution. A spacious and comfortable wooden shed would now cost you 3 In 1 Garage Door Lube around $3,000 to $5,900 these days-and that would exclude fee for the contractor. What if you would just have an extra garage built? Well, a new mid-sized garage would have a price tag of $10,000 or more.
Both may not be practical solutions. Of course, nobody wants to spend thousands of dollars for an extra structure these days. So would you just leave a new car outside, exposed to the elements? That seems to be the easiest and most cost-effective solution, but leaving the car outside is not the right move.
We all know how easily a car’s paint would get damaged from constant exposure to heat, cold, and rain. As much as possible, car owners should provide the best protection for their cars. For those who have garage space issues, then the most perfect option to accommodate a new car is to simply buy aluminum carports.
Why Should You Buy Aluminum Carports?
Instead of emptying your wallet and racking up additional credit card debt by having a new shed or garage Garage Door Won’T Open Manually built, you can simply opt for aluminum carports. Aluminum carports would not cost more than $2,000.
With aluminum carports, you can offer the best protection for your car. You can avoid prematurely spending unnecessary thousands of dollars for a repainting job since aluminum carports would shield your car from damaging ultra-violet rays. It also offers optimum protection against snow, heavy rainfalls, and sudden hailstorms.
But would aluminum carports last? The answer to that question is a big YES. Usually, aluminum carports have a lifespan of 20 or more years. You can really get all of your money’s value with aluminum carports.

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