Garage door openers were first invented in 1926. Since then, technology has come on in leaps and bounds and the remote controlled garage doorway opener is a handy addition to any home. Moreover, they are decreasing in expense and are now in the price range of most homeowners. If you already have a garage entry door opener, you may like to consider replacing it. Why? Well, there are a number of reasons.
Safety of Garage Gorilla Garage Doors Door Openers
In 1993, a safety reversing mechanism became a requirement for all storage garage openers. This ingenious features consists of two sensors, which are located on either side of the door approximately six inches above the ground. If these sensors locate any movement, such as a child or pet, while the door is closing, the system will automatically stop the door’s motion and reverse it.
It is a good idea to check your garage gate’s safety reversing mechanism to ensure that it is in good working order. If it Menards Garage Doors is faulty, or your car port door opener does not have this feature, you may like to consider purchasing a new opener.
Increased Security in Garage Door Openers
Recent innovations in garage doorway openers have not only made them safer, but also more secure. The use of rolling code systems specifically is a wonderful method of improving your home’s security. When garage doors operated on fixed codes, a thief could easily override or block the signal from your remote control. However, with a rolling code, only the owner’s signal will be recognized by the mechanism.
Is Your Garage Door Opener Noisy?
Many of the older garage gate openers like to let the whole neighborhood know that they are working. The noise of these openers is caused by the chain drive. Thankfully, new models come without the chain drive and are, therefore, much quieter. So, if you would like to open and close your car port door without walking the household, if not the neighborhood, then you might like to consider purchasing a modern storage garage opener.
Garage Door Battery Backup
Of course, one of the inconveniences of a garage entry gate opener occurs when you lose power. Fortunately, this problem is overcome by many of the newer models, which come with a battery backup. The battery backup kicks in when the electricity drops out and can, therefore, ensure that your car port door is never left half-open.
Many new features of garage gateway openers are incredibly beneficial to consumers. Therefore, even if you current model is in working order, there are many reasons that you may like to consider purchasing a brand new opener.

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