A garage door opener is a wonderfully useful gadget, and the good news is that it is easy to install. Typically, a garage entry door opener consists of a motor, which powers a draw bar that moves the door from its ‘open’ and ‘closed’ positions.
Almost all current garage doorway openers come with a remote control system, which allows you to open and close your garage door without having to get out of the car. So, if you’d like to install a garage door opener in your home, here’s how.
1. A door opener mechanism should always be placed exactly in the center of the door, so make sure you measure it accurately and mark the inside of the door with a vertical line along the center.
2. Next, open the door and mark the highest point that it travels. The rail that moves the draw bar cannot be placed lower than this point for obvious reasons.
3. Take a look at the area above your garage entry door to ensure that there is sufficient support for the rail. If there is no support in this location, you will need to add a front mounting board.
4. Follow the manufacturers instructions to assemble the rail and motor unit on the floor of your garage. Then, with the door down, attach the outermost end of the rail to the mounting plank (2″ above the mark of the door’s highest point). When fastening the rail bracket, always use washers.
5. Lift the motor until the rail is horizontal and then open and close the garage gate manually to ensure that the rail does Garage Door Wind Damage not effect the door’s movement. Then, secure the motor unit to the garage joists (brackets should be included in the kit).
6. Next, attach the draw bar to the rail and place it in the ‘closed’ position. Mark the draw bar holes and drill them. Then, fasten the draw bar to the door. At this point, you may need to make some adjustments to the drive chain to ensure that the bolts do not limit its movement.
7. Again following the manufacturers instructions, install the remote receiver and manual button. Then, plug the assembly cord into an extension and test the function of the door. If you are happy, plug the assembly cord into a permanent outlet. It may be a good idea to connect the assembly cord to a light socket.
These simple steps will allow you to install or replace a car port door opener with the utmost ease. However, How To Fix Garage Door Alignment precautions should always be taken and the manufacturer’s instructions should always be followed.

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