Every household that has a car is entitled to have its own garage. Not just for the convenience and added benefit it gives, but also for the security a garage provides. And the best way to maintain and maximize the usefulness of one’s garage is to equip it with the most appropriate garage door opener.
One of the best choices for garage openers nowadays is the Electric door opener. This is because it provides the driver with the convenience of opening and closing the door to his desired level without having to go in and out Weekend Garage Door Repair of his vehicle. Electric overhead garage openers were first invented by C. G. Johnson of Hartford City, Indiana in 1926, and since then garage openers have experienced a great evolution in terms of material and design.
Like most openers, operate on the mechanisms of springs and tensile strength. Basically these openers are motorized devices attached to garage doors which exert tensile strength that lifts and lowers the door. Electric garage, contrary to popular belief, do not actually use electricity to provide the doors’ lifting power. Instead the electricity comes into play when manipulating the garage door. The electric opener allows the owner to control how far the door opens and closes via the electric motor. This motor, which is used to open and close the door, can direct the distance the garage door opens and closes by limiting the power once it receives a signal to do so from the remote control. This is a very convenient feature as it allows for easy management of the door.
The main and most important feature of any opener is its springs. These springs are subjected to very high tension and thus provide the opener with lifting power. Electric garage opener’s springs can either be extension springs or tension springs. Extension springs work with the principle of expansion and contraction to lift the door, while tension springs are mounted on the garage door opener’s header and can be seen wound up in a tight coil. Because of its tightly wound-up form, tension springs can hold much tension and thus be very powerful lifters. This is why tension springs are used for double door garages instead of extension springs which do not have enough lifting power.
Other than the springs, the typical electric opener also usually consists of a power unit and an electric motor. These are both attached to a vertical or horizontal track in the opener where a trolley slides back and forth, thus allowing the door to open and close. This trolley Garage Door Features moves along the track guided by a chain, belt, or a screw depending on which motor the opener uses. The Electric garage door opener can usually be found above the door with the power unit near the back of the garage, and can be controlled using a remote and switches.

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