It is summertime and that means the kids are home from school and your concerns over their safety just increased. Aside from the usual trouble that kids can get themselves into during the summer, a concern you probably have not thought about is their safety involving your garage door.

The garage door weighs over 300 pounds and is supported by a tension system involving cables, pulley, and springs. While it may look harmless as it effortlessly opens and closes at the push of a button, the garage door is not a toy and should be treated with the respect and concern for safety as any other large appliance or tool in your house. To ensure the safety of your children this summer, be sure to follow these tips.

Most times people leave the remote in their car on the visor, or attached to their key chain. This puts it within easy access of your children. Keep the remote control far out of reach of your children.

Speak to your children about the dangers of the garage door. Explain and demonstrate how they can get injured by the door in various ways including; fingers getting crushed between door panels, injuries resulting from being under the closing door, getting caught in the pulleys and yanked up into the system, or getting maimed from a released tension spring.

Be familiar with the emergency garage door release mechanism attached to your opener. This is typically a red dangling cord that can be pulled to allow for manual override.

Visually inspect you door for any signs of wear, tear, or damage. Look for frayed wired, sagging springs, or loose bolts. If you notice any of these, you should contact a professional to repair your door. You can find Garage Door Reinforcement Kit Lowes them by either looking in a yellow book or going to Google and typing in a term like garage door repair san diego or whatever city you are in. Look through the results and find the company that best fits your needs.

Avoid leaving your door open. Aside from this being an obvious security Side Sliding Garage Door issue, this can invite your children to play on or around the door.

Test the #1 most important security feature on the door. The safety reverse mechanism. These devices, called safety eyes, are standard Federal requirement on all doors installed after 1993. An infrared beam is sent across the bottom of the door opening. When it is interrupted the closing door will stop and reverse, thereby protecting any person or object underneath from being following these tips you can make sure that your loved ones have a happy and healthy, and most importantly safe, summer.

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