There is nothing more fearful than having to weather a storm, whether it be a tornado, hurricane, earthquake, flood, house fire, or other unstoppable force of nature. Once the storm is over, you have to deal with picking up the pieces and starting over. This can be a little frightening. Here are some tips that will hopefully help calm you and make you feel a little at ease.
Soffits: Make sure the soffits are installed according to the manufacturers’ instructions. Manufacturers’ recommended procedures are often overlooked and soffits are installed in an easier method. This causes weakness in the installation and soffits become detached during a strong storm. Following the manufacturers’ instructions may not be the least expensive way but it could mean the difference between a soffit withholding hard winds versus wind and water blowing freely into the attic. When water is blown into the attic it could cause severe damage in no time by saturating the ceiling drywall, which, in turn, will eventually flow into the interior of your home. Vinyl panels are highly recommended over aluminum. Vinyl tends to perform better during pressure testing.
Roofing shingles: Choose a high-wind rated roof covering. Use shingles that meet the most highest standards for impact resistance. These standards should be set by Underwriters Laboratories or UL. They should also meet the most highest standards for wind resistance set by UL and the American Society for Testing Are Garage Door Springs Universal and Materials or ASTM International. The cost of the shingles is about 50 percent higher than conventional shingles. They also add to the installation cost due to the fact that they are installed with six nails instead of the conventional three-nail. These costs will be worth the additional protection.
Storm shutters or panels: There is a wide variety of storm protectors for your windows. Shutters and panels are used to prevent windows from breaking by flying objects or debris and water infiltration. Broken windows allow the air pressure to rise inside a home creating a pressure that can cause major roof failure. While strong winds are building pressure on the inside trying to blow your roof off, the winds outside are trying to blow your roof off. There are beautiful shutters or panels to choose from that can truly decorate and help protect your home.
Garage doors: These doors are the largest weakest opening of a home’s exteriors. The loss of a garage door during a natural disaster rates as one of four major factors as to a home being destroyed or damaged. Most of hurricane damage starts with wind entry through the garage door. Once the garage door is blown off all of the power of the hurricane enters the home and blows off the roof. An impact-resistant garage door can be purchased or garage door braces can be used. These are vertical braces that are much less costly than a garage door that is impact-resistant.
Products that are rated “hurricane tested” does NOT mean they have passed the impact test. Choose the products with the proper approval for impact-resistance.
You can save on all of the products you choose to rebuild with to make your new home extremely safe and on all other materials and supplies needed to rebuild. Included with these savings are all of the interior furnishings that need to be replaced Mid Century Modern Garage Door For Sale that were most likely destroyed during your unfortunate circumstance. Why not take advantage of saving as you rebuild your home for you and your loved ones? You deserve a break after the catastrophe you have been through. Start saving today!

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