Sears, Chamberlain and Genie garage door openers are three of the most popular opener brands on the market today, and they’re popular for good reason. Their doors and automatic door openers rank among the very best, particularly when you take under consideration the latest security features these cr?�me de la cr?�me of manufacturers have been adding to their catalogue line-ups. Chamberlain 800N Manual Few things compare to the feeling of relief and accomplishment one gets after driving into the garage after a long day at work and battling traffic, save perhaps the knowledge that you and your family are completely safe and insulated in your home. If you’re in the market for a new garage door opener and are not quite sure which brand is best for your purposes, then read on.
The name Sears, which denotes the manufacturer of Sears Craftsman door openers, may sound familiar. This is because it’s the parent company to Sears & Roebuck, the most famous historic catalogue retailer in the United States. As the company does with most of its products, Sears has focused its efforts on making its garage door openers more consumer friendly, creating detailed manuals and instructional videos for those who want to install their own garage door openers. The company also boasts a wide range of accessories, including universal opener remotes and receivers, laser garage parking accessories, and the EntryEase fingerprint keyless entry system, a biometric system designed for maximum security and convenience for your home and family.
Next up is the Chamberlain range of Lift Master professional series garage door openers One of the numerous advantages of Lift Master garage door openers lies in the many options and way in which to add security features. These can include an updated perimeter alert system capable of encompassing up to half a mile around the house’s perimeter, a remote light control that automatically activates lights inside the house when the owner walks up the drive, and, as with Sears, the ever-popular fingerprint entry system.
Chamberlain also manufactures the Whisper Drive garage door opener, which is known for the ghostly silence of its operation, and has garnered rave reviews for its speedy and powerful belt-driven mechanism. The Whisper Drive include a system for keyless fingerprint access, as well as a rolling code similar to the Intellicode system flaunted by Genie garage door openers (see below).
Cheek by jowl with the other competitors are Genie garage openers, popular with consumers and industry professionals alike. Of particular note is the Genie Excelerator, which is reputed to have Things You Should Not Do During A Hurricane the fastest opening speed of any opener, period. It opens twice as fast as the next best garage opener on the market, but still closes at standard speed in order to avoid potential accidents.
Not to be outdone by Chamberlain, Genie garage openers can also be easily upgraded with excellent security accessories, including their Intellicode system, which uses randomly generated codes to activate the opener. These codes being randomly generated helps to prevent your garage door being opened by signal hackers. Another point to consider about Genie garage openers is their maximal level of user friendliness – to date, Genie is the only brand of garage door opener that still provides complete wiring diagrams in its manual, making it the easiest brand for an amateur to fix if something goes haywire.
In conclusion, the three brands discussed above sit at the pinnacle of their industry. Each offers products with distinct advantages that you, as a potential consumer, should evaluate with your individual home in mind.

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