There are three types of carports and you can always choose whether to avail polyester and polyethylene, aluminum or steel type. These three vary in price, durability, portability and aesthetic. Your need and budget will play as very important factors in your purchase that is why it is always advisable to do research prior to buying materials for your car port.
Instead of having a garage built, more people nowadays opt to have carports in their homes since the latter costs less and that it allows more ventilation. Although garages are believed to offer more protection because of their A1 Garage Door Financing enclosed design, carports have become more popular because they are more economical and that their function is similar to that of garages – to store or protect vehicles, often cars, from the elements and other hazards.
Polyester and polyethylene, also known as canvas, are okay for temporary use. Both are lightweight, portable and are the cheapest grade between the three materials. You can consider Garage Door Opener Buyers Guide having one built if your area has year-round mild weather conditions, or if you are low on budget. You can even assemble one yourself considering the weight of the material.
Aluminum carports, on the other hand, are better than polyester and polyurethane-made types of carports in terms of material strength. Aluminum, by nature, can withstand the wear-and-tear that the different elements can cause. It can resist the damage tough weather conditions can bring about as well. However, it is still not as durable and as aesthetically pleasing as steel.
As you can guess, steel-made are the best among the three given types of carports. The metal component provides the best protection from the sun, wind, water, dust, moist and whatnot. This type of carport may well even be the luxury your wheels would enjoy! Although pricey, steel carports are an investment. Aside from serving car-related functions, style is added to your house. Moreover, your home’s resale value increases just by having this type of carport.
Keeping in mind what materials to use is equally important as considering the shape, size, and the main structure of your carport. Depending on the number of vehicles you own, you can either have a single carport, two car carport and so on. The standard single carport measures 12′ wide and 21′ in length. The space allotment may increase depending on your preference. Also, your carport may either be stand alone or detached from your main house or any building for that matter; or it may be appended to a structure.

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