Chamberlain garage door openers come in three main models: the chain drive, screw drive and belt drive. The belt drive costs the most of the Chamberlain openers. This opener uses the Whisper Quiet technology, which makes the opening and closing of the door nearly soundless. It has a 1.2 hp belt that is designed in a similar way to the steel belted tires used for Horizontal Garage Door Braces cars. Thanks to the unique Quick Install rail you can install this opener very easily. The belt drive opener comes with an extra 200 watts of lighting as a safety feature. Two wireless remote controls come with the opener a well as a keyless entry system that can be installed outside your garage door. The motor and belt come with a full lifetime guarantee.
The chain drive Chamberlain opener has a strong ½ hp motor that lifts the heavy chain it uses. This chain provides extra durability and reliability. The Chamberlain chain drive opener also has the Whisper Quiet technology How To Seal Garage Door From Mice for quiet door opening and closing. Like the belt drive model, the chain drive opener can also be installed with ease using the Quick rail install. It also comes with safety lighting, two remotes and a keyless entry system.
The screw drive model, which is the most popular of the Chamberlain openers, uses a strong ½ hp screw drive. It uses a unique Motor Vibration Isolation System to minimize unwanted noise and can also be installed very easily. Like the other Chamberlain openers, this one also comes with a lighting system and two remotes. It also has a lifetime warrenty.

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