In Salem, OR, a 2-year old girl died when a garage door came down on her neck and failed to reverse. An 8-year-old boy in Chandler, AZ fell while trying to exit the garage and was crushed to death by the door. In Indianapolis, IN, a 13-year-old boy was killed when a board being used to prop the door open was knocked out of place allowing Garage Door Opener For Tilt Up Door the door to fall on his neck. We’d like to think of incidents like these as being freak events, but they happen more frequently that we’d like to think, to people of all ages. Dozens of deaths and injuries are reported each year due to the fact that old doors with no safety mechanisms are still found on many American garages.
In 1988 a law was passed making it mandatory for overhead doors to be manufactured with auto-reversing equipment. This came in a response to the number of deaths being attributed to these common household items. With some doors weighing as much as 600 pounds, it’s easy to see how Garage Door Opener India they could easily crush humans given the right circumstances. The numbers of such deaths have decreased since the law was passed; however, the incidents still continue to occur. After all, there is no law requiring people with older equipment to replace it with newer models.
Imagine coming out of your home only to find your child’s lifeless body trapped under your garage door. It’s a horror that parents don’t even want to consider. So what about your garage door? Is it new enough that it’s equipped with all the latest safety gadgets and sensors to protect your family? Is everything working the way it’s supposed to? An easy way to test your door is to place something underneath it and see if it operates the way it should. A good door should refuse to close if something is blocking the sensors, reverse direction if the sensor line is broken while the door is descending, and reverse if it hits something.
Although most people don’t think much about it, their garage doors can be dangerous. Inspect your door to see if there is any way a child might get hurt by it. Even if the button to open the door is located high up, a resourceful child will be able to find a way to get to it if they so desire. Never leave small children in the garage alone, and instruct older children on how to operate all equipment properly and safely. This is not a danger that should be left to chance.

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