How To Select Jewelry For Your Best Look

You can look at another woman and think, she looks really great. Her outfit is perfect, her hair is stylish – she just looks really put together. But do we know why she conveys that impression?

Let’s suppose we were to dissect her appearance bit by bit to see if we couldn’t pinpoint what it was that made her look fabulous that day. Is that possible? Yes! In fact there is a whole industry built around doing just that. It’s wardrobe styling. Recently I met with a wardrobe stylist, not for myself, but to better serve my jewelry clients.

For myself, I know instinctively which jewelry pieces look best on which women, from professional experience and observation. Many times I can do this without even seeing her; after asking pertinent questions of the gift buyer, I usually know just the right look for her. However, I want to share this ability with you, so that you can use this information for your own look. In order to do this, I interviewed my wardrobe stylist and did some research.

Here is what I’m looking for and this has been supported by my interviewing the wardrobe stylist and by my research: By considering her scale, shape, coloring, and personality when selecting the jewelry she wears, a woman will look particularly well put together, even causing people to ask if she got a haircut or changed her makeup!

The right piece of jewelry is as important to an overall look as the right hairstyle, according to experts. However, for many women, jewelry selection remains a mysterious and highly personal subject. A woman probably knows what she likes in terms of the jewelry she sees and wears, but what she may not know is what styles specifically flatter her – or how to wear the pieces she owns and loves. She may also not know what to take into account when adding new pieces to her jewelry wardrobe.

A woman’s personality is key. She should always select pieces that reflect her own personality. There are jewelry pieces to suit every style and personality, ranging from conservative to those with a definite creative streak. The universal style categories, defined in 1995 by Alyce Parsons are: traditional, elegant, feminine, sporty, alluring, creative and dramatic.

I like to think I’m all of those at any given time! You may want to create a certain impression, such as authoritative, or perhaps approachable. Sharp angles, straight lines and geometric shapes convey authority, like a necklace with a large angular geode pendant.

Classic conservative designs (like small hoop earrings and classic pearls are highly professional and authoritative. To be more approachable, include colored gemstones or softer design elements like curves, circles and ovals. Pieces with movement lend approachability, like pale pink round freshwater pearl earrings.

Think of the scale, shape, color and your personality whenever you select jewelry. Over time you will build a personal jewelry wardrobe that will reflect your personal beauty each and every time! Your look will be put together and you will radiate confidence!

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