If you are interested in purchasing a new garage door, it is important to understand that there are many different styles and sizes available. It is essential that you learn how to appropriately measure the space where the new door will be placed. If you fail to do this, you may discover that you did not choose the right size and this will result in the complication of ordering a new door. The first step to measuring for your new garage is to take measurements of the current door that is on your garage. You should measure the width as well as the height. Be certain to document each foot in the measurement, as well as any lingering inches left over.
When measuring for the new door, you must understand that a certain amount of space will be required for the functional track system that will permit the door to open and close. This is usually three to four inches on each side of the door. You should measure off both the left side and the right side. If your new door implements an extension spring, A1 Garage Door Coupon then you should measure off at least five inches on both the left and right side. The next area of interest when it comes to measurements is the “Headroom”. This is the space that runs from the ceiling to where the top of the garage door will be. It is recommended that you ensure that there is at least ten inches of space in the headroom section.
Once you have measured your old garage door as well as the opening that you have in your garage in general, you will be ready to visit your local home improvement store or garage parts manufacturer. You will likely be quite impressed with the various options A1 Garage Door Service Kansas City that are available when it comes to new doors. Just remember, do not purchase doors that do not have the measurements for your needs. Use the techniques contained in this guide in order to ensure that you purchase the right door from the beginning.

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