KD StarStage Tents and Their Features

Now the StarStage 550 canopy gives you another option of creating a seating space for outdoor concerts and other such programs. Now your guests can remain comfortable in this environment and attend such programs easily. This StarStage tent can accommodate seating places for up to ninety people. It is actually a star shaped tent which is not only elegant but also has some very good features, like an extra-large front opening which allows for a luxurious entertainment experience. In case you want to organize a meal time show you can also accommodate tables.

The StarStage tent can be used for functions and programs like:

Auto Dealers Exhibition

Band Garage Doors With Glass Tent

Corporate Sponsor Displays

Event Marketing


Beverage Garden

Audience Shelter

Among its various unique features some are:

Rust proof Anodized Aluminum frame which is 40% stronger and 25% lighter compared to other steel units.

The fabric used for the canopy is 500 Denier Oxford Polyester which is durable, lightweight, flexible, water and fire retardant, and UV Protected. Thus, you can use it under any weather condition.

Available in 13 bold fabric colors, which are, white, red, yellow, orange, blue, green, navy blue, purple, black, silver, maroon, cream, and pink.

It also features 5 elegant arches along with a large open front area.

It has a Band-shell design which calls for proper quality acoustics and it features a stage opening which is over 13-ft. high.

It requires a 55-ft diameter set up area for an outdoor installation.

It only takes approximately 20 minutes to set up the Garaga Garage Doors Prices entire canopy with the help of just 2 people.

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It is lightweight and given its size it requires very little space. It can be folded into 3 carrying bags and can be carried in the trunk of almost any vehicle.

It has a 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty.

This tent is designed for complete customer satisfaction and convenience. They are strongly held together with reinforced joints which give added longevity and durability. The tent is sloped which allows water to fall down and it also features extended flaps which allows for enough stability during strong winds. This model is designed with a high-quality aluminum frame and the fabric used is UV-resistant polyester. Thus, this canopy serves longer than others. If you want to get one such Star stage tents then you can take a peek into .