Ever since the first time man used a blunt rock to crack nuts, people have constantly come up with tools to make their lives more convenient. Garage door openers are just another manifestation of man’s ingenuity and his desire to make life easier.
When you buy a door opener, you will probably find that the most common type has its motor mounted over the area where you park the car. This design is pretty effective in its function and is actually meant to support the weight of heavy-duty doors. This design has been tested by time and is the most basic in door openers.
Throughout the years, various innovations in design have been made in order to make sure that each Manual Garage Door Won’T Close All The Way person is satisfied with the opener that he or she buys. Different preferences define consumers.
Types of openers also vary depending on the type of garage door. As you may know, there are tilt-up doors, roll-up doors, paneled doors and rolling steel doors. Each type requires a slightly different type of opener.
Options have also been added to either ensure the safe operation of the garage door or to increase the convenience of using it.
1) Remote Control – the most basic opener set up includes a panel on the wall of the garage in order to operate the opener. However, not a lot of people are willing to get out of their cars in order to open the garage. Aside from the inconvenience, this option is also not very safe.
Remote controls are used today in order to open the garage door from inside the car. This way, no person shall have to go outside and the person can be safe inside the house before he or she gets out of the car.
2) Automatic reverse – it might be just because of bizarre horror movies, but a lot of people are worried about the possibility of being crushed to death by a garage door. However, manufacturers today have made sure that this won’t happen by including an automatic reverse feature with their openers.
This feature automatically stops and backs up a closing door when it meets an obstruction when it is closing. This means that people using the opener can be assured of its safe operation.
3) Keyless entry pads – keys have been used to provide access for centuries. However, the age old problem of someone losing his or her keys has not yet Commercial Overhead Door Inspection Checklist been truly solved. For people who do not want to be bothered with carrying a key which could be stolen, there’s the option of keyless entry pads.
These pads may be operated by remote control or manually. They work by providing access only to people who know a specific code and are able to enter that code. But, this doesn’t take into consideration the possibility that a person might forget the code.
4) Automatic lights – openers don’t exactly grant entry to a person in the blink of an eye, right? This means that you have to wait until the door is fully open before you can drive your car in. This waiting can be pretty hard, especially if you can’t really see if the door is open or closed. Automatic lighting helps you see if the garage door is truly clear before you drive your car in. This garage door opener feature has truly prevented many accidents, as well as deterred many potential robbers.

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