Even for the mechanically disinclined, installing a new garage door opener doesn’t have to end in frustration and head pounding. There are some basic guidelines that amateurs and pros can follow to help make the process run smoothly. Here are the primary things that need to be followed in order to successfully install one for your home.
1. Tools
A garage door opener kit isn’t quite as simple as snapping together a model airplane. You’ll need to supply your own tools in order to get it up and working. An electric drill, hammer, screwdriver, measuring tape, ladder, pliers, wrench, and a bit of lumber and a pencil are the most important tools. Check the instructions to ensure you have the correct type and sizes necessary to complete the project.
2. Inspect your Padlock Garage Door Garage Door
Before you even think of drilling any holes, you’ll want to ensure your door is working properly and has no damage. Check Buy Garage Door Springs Online that the springs and cables are all in good condition. If there is friction, lubricate the frame where necessary.
3. Read the Instructions
It’s unfortunate that this needs to be a step, but too many people gloss over the instructions and then find themselves stuck or needing to backtrack. You should always be anticipating the next step of the process so you don’t get caught holding up a bracket with your screw just out of reach. Make sure the kit also contains all proper parts and that none are damaged or broken.
4. Position the Power Unit
Finding a proper location can be a task in itself. It has to be able to clear the door as it opens, be centered in the middle of the ceiling, and be mounted tightly and in some cases reinforced to prevent falling or damage. Measure carefully and manually test to be sure the door can clear the opener.
5. Turn Off
Make sure when installing electrical outlets that the power is turned off. Failing to do so could result in an electrical shock or could spark off a fire. The outlet needs to be grounded for safety reasons, if this is beyond your capabilities as a handyman, hire a professional to do it for you.
6. Test the Safety
All openers have a special safety reversing mechanism that allows the door to quickly change direction in case an object or person accidentally gets underneath it. It’s important to check this feature off and ensure it is working properly to avoid potential accidents.
7. Help
Most projects are much more successful and safer when completed with a helping hand. Mounting the power unit can be difficult and another set of eyes is also good to prevent you from missing small measuring mistakes.
Following these simple guidelines will make installing a new garage door opener that much easier. You can do-it-yourself if you take the proper safety precautions and carefully follow instructions.

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