Garage doors are an important feature to your home and garage door repair is vital. They keep insects and other animals out, protect us from intruders, and in many cases help to keep our garages insulated. On top of these things, they can also be very aesthetically pleasing and complimentary to the exterior of a house. However, like any other part of a house, a door is subject to damage, as well as general ware and tear. Things such as paint chipping, dents, and other mild abrasions can be easily fixed by the homeowner. Other problems, however, may require a more detailed analysis. Listed below are examples of instances in which the help of a garage repair professional should be sought.
Though garage doors aren’t especially complex pieces of machinery, their finer workings may include elements that aren’t familiar to the average homeowner. Garage shields and openers combine a combination of high-tension springs, cables, rollers, tracks, and electronics. Each of these mechanisms is crucial to the proper and safe functioning of a garage door. When all of these components are in good working, a door should open and close normally and easily, without any abnormal sounds or movement. However, circumstances such as physical damage and age can eventually take a toll on the mechanical process of your door.
The springs that enable the door to open and close are referred to as tension springs. A broken spring can prevent your door from opening and closing properly, if at all. However, as implied by the name, these springs carry an enormous amount of tension. As a result, they can be incredibly dangerous if tampered with. The springs are made Garage Door Plans Free of coils of metal that are very tightly wound. Due to the tension and the winding, damaging the springs while trying to repair them can cause serious injury. Though some garage repair companies will offer you basic tips in the upkeep of your garage door, they will all undoubtedly tell you to leave spring repair to the professionals.
The track of a door is another element that can easily be damaged by unskilled hands during garage door repair. The track runs along the ceiling of the garage, and guides the door smoothly against the ceiling when it’s opened, and back down to the ground when it’s closed. If yours is not opening or closing properly, jamming, or struggling to open or close, it could be possible that the track was damaged somehow. Moving something Commercial Garage Door Controller tall in your garage (a ladder, for instance) and hitting the track could be detrimental. It is important to consult a professional before attempting to repair the issue of a broken track, as it is possible to cause more damage than is already done. If the track is dented, do not try to bang the dent out yourself with a hammer. Doing so could cause more strain to the metal, which can lead to greater problems down the line.
If you’ve purchased an older house, or your garage hasn’t received much maintenance in a while, you may need to have all of the hardware replaced. Dents, rust, and overall strain to the components of your garage door can lead to serious, and potentially dangerous issues. Many garage repair companies offer a complete overhaul of garage door hardware. This is another issue that is best left to professionals. Most hardware stores do not carry all of the components needed to replace the hardware of a garage door, and in many cases, special tools are also needed.
Many people like to take on home improvement tasks themselves. While this is generally good practice, and can save a homeowner a lot of money in the long run, there are some tasks that should be tended to by a certified professional. Garage door repair, aside from basic cosmetic issues, can be a difficult process. Many companies will offer a free consultation, and let you know whether or not the issue is something that should be tackled by yourself, or by a repair person. For the sake of safety, as well as preventing the worsening of the problem, if the consultant informs you that the garage door repair should be done by one of their team members, it’s a good idea to seriously consider it.

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