Garage is one of the potential entries for the burglar or thief to break into your house. Installing security system will be a good idea for you to prevent your house from being burglarized. There are a wide range of options for security system which are available for you such as door lock or alarm systems. If you choose the door lock, there are some steps you have to follow to install it properly.
The first thing you have to do is to screw the door deadbolt linkage to the both side rail tracks on the sides of the garage door. Ideally, you should connect it for about 3 or 4 feet from the ground. Make sure that the deadbolt is able to slide into the side rail slot so that the door can be locked down.
Then, attach the long steel wires to every deadbolt linkage on bother side of your garage door. Make sure that the wires can reach the center of the garage door at about 3 or 4 feet from the ground.
The next thing you have to do is to make a hole in the garage door center the same height as you mounted side of the deadbolts. Then, fit the handle of the key-operated door through Framing A Garage Door a hole in the center of your garage door by using the handle outside the garage door. Then, tighten the inside fastener by using screw to the handle stem inside of your garage door.
Then, attach the linkage of the deadbolt wire onto the door handle eyelets inside the garage. Try to turn the handle outside the garage to make sure that thee wires 88 Garage Door Track can pull the deadbolts from the rail slots. In addition, you have to make sure that the key is able to work on the handle and lock the deadbolts in the lots.

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