My garage door broke a few months back, so I had to do an extensive search for a replacement. If your garage door is broken now, or if you have experienced it in the past, you know how much of a nuisance this can be, especially if you park your car in it everyday. So, I have extensive consumer knowledge on most of the big names in the industry like Stanley, Genie, Amarr, Wayne-Dalton, and Clopay. In this article, I am going to give you a quick overview of Clopay garage doors, since this the company I ended up purchasing my garage door from.
Let me talk about the most important thing for many of us… price. Well, the pricing for their doors really does vary on a number of things like model, style, material, weight, and any type of customizations. For your basic roll up door, you’ll spend about $500 and for the more specialized doors, you’ll be paying $700 or more. At the very least, budget around $600 for your new garage door. Any dependable door worth its value will cost more than $500, so stay away from deals that look too good to be true.
The best, quickest way to get the best deals and prices is to go online and shop from e-stores. Since they don’t have to worry about maintaining a phsical retail location, they’re normal prices are often times 10% cheaper than what you find in a physical store. Another Garage Door Weather Seal Retainer L Shape time to purchase your garage door for a great price is when the older models are being discontinued for the new styles and models. Most stores will be looking to clear out their old inventory to make room for the new products so they’ll discount the old inventory.
If you’re looking to add an automatic garage door opener system for your garage, Clopay doors work with all of the major players, like Genie. You can always check out the Clopay website for a detailed breakdown of which garage opening systems they think are great. For the majority of the lighter doors, any 1/3 HP unit will do the job wonderfully.
Before you decide on a particular door, there are some other things you need to consider like how many times you’ll open & close it per day. Some of the duel doors require specialized three Genie Garage Door Opener Starts Then Stops button controllers. And if you’re garage is taller than 10 feet, you’ll probably need a commercial door opener, since most residential units come in 7 feet, 8 feet, and 10 feet heights.

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