How to Choose the Bedroom Wardrobes Which Are Right For Your Particular Home

When you start designing your bedroom furniture, wardrobes should be a very important aspect. One of the major decisions is what type of wardrobe that you want.

If space is a limiting factor for you it is an idea to put a wardrobe in a corner. These fit nicely in an area of the room which you may not be able to use in any other way. You can get them as fitted wardrobes or as a do it yourself version from a DIY store.

Corner wardrobes are particularly useful in a kids room as they do not need as much wardrobe storage space as adults do so a smaller area is quite adequate.

Another major decision is what material do you want your bedroom wardrobes to be made of. This, of course, will probably depend on what style the rest of your home is. If you live in the country and have a rustic style decor, perhaps you can go to an auction and get an antique wardrobe.

In the olden days almost all of them used to be oak wardrobes or even other similar hard woods such as maple. Today, pine is very popular. It is a lighter color than the more traditional ones.

Wardrobe design has changed a lot over the years. They all used to be very big and bulky with ornate patterns moulded into them. They were built to last for many years and you still see lots of them in the antique dealers shops.

Then there was a big rush to get built in wardrobes. Everyone started getting them put in as they were relatively cheap. Whereas they all used to be a brown wood color, the manufacturers started making them in all sorts of colors to fit in with the mood of the moment. Black never felt very restful for me to have in a bedroom but the softer ones like white are fine.

They started making sliding door wardrobes which meant that they took up less space outwards into a room and then mirror door wardrobes or even making the front completely of a mirrored glass. This meant that there was no need for an extra sideboard or vanity table in the bedroom.

Most wardrobes consist of a wardrobe rail and a lot of them also have a set of drawers as well which can be very useful, some even have a wardrobe cabinet inside.

Hopefully you now have a better idea of how to plan your bedroom storage space. After all we do spend more time in that room than other any in the house.

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