Floor Tiles – Latest Trend In Home Remodeling

If planning to change your flooring then there are several options to choose from. First take ceramic floor tiles. These slabs are simply beautiful and they are also resilient towards moisture, dust, dirt and grime. The striking feature of ceramic slabs is that they are convenient to install and easy to maintain. You can even try installing these pieces on your own. Since they come in a wide array of colors, designs and patterns, you will find no difficulty in creating compelling floor designs with these slabs. Ceramic slabs are available at all leading tiles stores and you can also find them on online stone shops.

Ceramic floor tiles are beautiful, durable, waterproof and above all cost effective. Most homeowners choose ceramic slabs because with these pieces they can save money while remodeling their homes. Ceramic is your best bet if you are working in limited budget. If you don’t find your kind of design and colors in ceramic then try marble slabs. Marble is simply irresistible. It is the preferred choice of homeowners and homemakers but its high price discourages average homeowners from using it. You can choose majestic white marble, cappuccino marble, botticino and dark emperador marble. These are some of the best selling marble varieties in the world.

Marble floor tiles have certain disadvantages like they stain easily. Marble is a porous stone and for this reason it absorbs moisture quickly. Experts recommend that marble should be used selectively. If you are using marble all over your home then you should make sure that these slabs are protected from moisture. Ideally you should use polished slabs only as they are water resistant. Another way to protect the slabs from moisture is to seal them. Precaution is the key to maintenance for marble floors. You should use rugs and carpets to protect your slabs from spills and stains.

Experts recommend different floor tiles for different rooms. For example, granite slabs are best for kitchen floor and travertine is good for bathroom. Travertine can also be used for pool, patio and terrace. Marble pieces should be used in living room, bedroom and study. In this way, you can use every variety of slabs in your home and make it look different from others. This is called cosmetic remodeling in which renovation is done considering the basic requirements of the area concerned. You can also choose to remodel your home in parts to escape the exertion of complete remodeling.

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