The most widely known sources of ‘alternative power’ are solar and wind and I’ve written a number of articles on that subject covering it in considerable depth.
What I’d like to talk about here are magnetic motors and their use in driving generators for the production of power in sufficient quantity to fully supply your house-hold premises.
These motors are real, they do work and they can be built relatively easily and fairly inexpensively by the average person in a garage type workshop as long as they have moderate skills.
I know, I’ve been researching and building my own now for over 30 years, Garage Door Only Closes When Holding Button it’s been both my hobby and passion, so I know what I’m talking about.
Just about all the types of plans out there at the moment are of the ‘simple, fundamental and Second Hand Carports For Sale fool-proof’ kind. These types are the tried and tested sort, proven to work and work well.
One thing I’ve noticed also are a number of negative reviews on the subject, they’re basically saying ‘these motors will never work and such like’. Basically these are full of a heap of technical jargon that at first glance may ‘prove their point’ on the general subject but are just proof of how little they really know on the actual subject.
Such comments are pretty much irrelevant, they only show how ignorant they are and in my experience, they haven’t done any real tangible research themselves, it’s pretty obvious. If they had they’d know that you can them and that they are very powerful for their size.
Like I said, I’ve been doing so for more than 30 years now and have developed some very powerful and fully patentable magnetic motor prototypes, so for me, these are really do-able projects. Furthermore, I can tell you, that building one to power a house is easy.
Not only that, I can say that, with a bit of tweaking to the basic design you can build even more powerful ones the same size. I’ll simply say this, it’s all about the types of magnets you use and the strength of them. Alnico, ferrite, selenium cobalt or rare earth magnets.
Alnico generally are the weakest, ferrite are stronger and more readily available but selenium cobalt are even stronger and rare earth magnets are the most powerful of all. Ones like that are, unfortunately a lot more expensive.
So have a good long look at these magnetic motors and you’ll be amazed just how easy they actually are to build.

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