There are many reasons why a homeowner wants a garage. First, there is an urgent need for a new garage for the old one is not serviceable anymore. It would be more practical and cost effective to build a new one than repair the old one. Second, you need a bigger garage to accommodate your growing needs i.e. more space for more cars and storage. Third, you do not have a garage which could be a problem in terms of convenience and safety. How many times have you done maintenance work in your car right at the driveway or worst, the street, for lack of garage? How many times did you fend would-be-vandals because your car is parked out in the street? How many times did your car freeze because of the cold MN winter? It is due time to build a garage therefore you need a garage design that will meet your needs and your budget.
A garage is typically not an overly expensive room addition. However, keeping the cost low sometimes results in an unfinished structure that actually becomes an eye sore thereby making you (and your garage) the target of meaningful glares from your neighbors. So, for your “dream” garage to come true, Garage Door Materials Rust it is best to have a professional garage builder do the garage design inclusive of estimates. Note that you should check first if the contractor has the necessary credentials for the job. If you are living in Saint Paul or Minneapolis, make sure that the contractor is licensed in your locality.
To make it easier for you to decide on what type of garage you want, source online or from magazines for garage designs. Confer with the contractor so he has an idea of what to offer you in terms of garage floor plans and price range. Tell the contractor whether you want an attached or detached garage including its size. Knowing would definitely give the contractor to offer you a better design scheme. The dimensions of garage can be as small as 12′ x 20′ to a large 32′ x 32′. However the size should be proportioned with the house and its style in sync balance and harmony of designs. An attached garage is convenient when it is cold and wet but this option is highly limiting in terms of garage designs. If you have the space for one, a detached garage is more useful especially if you have a small house. Adding an attached garage to a smallish house might actually “overwhelm” it.
A garage design should be more straightforward. It should not have unnecessary frills that could only escalate its price. You should see to it that the design is useful and highly functional. It should also be practical yet aesthetically pleasing. Garage Door Maintenance Hiring a professional garage builder to design your garage need not break the bank as the garage design could be bundled with the actual construction cost. See to it that the construction bundle includes at least a 10-year warranty.

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