Garage door sensors are an integral part of an automatic door opener. Since 1993, as specified in the Underwriter Laboratories specification UL325, all garage door openers are required to have a safety mechanism to reverse Self Adhesive Garage Door Insulation the moving door if something gets in the way. For example, a child running to beat the closing door or simply to stop a child from being crushed by the door if it is accidentally closed and they are in the way.
Garage door sensors used for this safety purpose are installed on each side of the door, six inches or less from the floor. Between these sensors is an invisible beam of light How To Reconnect Garage Door Spring which spans the entire width of the garage opening. If anything breaks this beam of light, the door will automatically stop and reverse the door to an open position.
It is wise to check your sensors often to make sure they are in working order. Of course if they are out of alignment, the door will not close to begin with. But, if they are just dirty, this safety mechanism may work intermittently.
Aligning your sensors is easy. Simply aim them towards each other. Each sensor has either one or two colored lights. Most often, sensors with a red or green light work with an Overhead or Genie door opener. Sensors with two lights, usually green and yellow work with Chamberlain garage door openers. On the sensors with two lights, one of them indicates power to the sensor. The other light indicates whether the sensor is aligned. The lights should be lit up on both sensors. This is the way you will know they are properly aligned.
Protect the children and animals around your home. Make sure your garage door sensors are installed and working properly.

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