When you get to the point where it is too tiring, too cold or just too much effort to open your garage door yourself, you know it is time to install a Garage Doors Opener. It offers comfort and safety, which is very important. Just imagine driving up to your garage to find the door already open and the inside of your garage lit up, with the press of a button.
The following will assist with your decision on what kind of garage door opener to use with your door, and what accessories to buy along with it.
The Drive Systems available are firstly the Screw-drive system, which uses a lifting mechanism that moves along a threaded steel rod. Because they have the least moving parts, they do not need much maintenance. These screw-drive systems are very powerful as well.
Then there is the Chain-drive System which uses a metal chain to lift your door up and down. The chain runs along tracks to keep it in place. This chain-drive system is the cheapest option, but can make the most noise when at work. Both the Screw-drive system and the Chain-drive are mounted in the centre of your garage ceiling.
The newest system available is a Computer-controlled drive. This system uses no chain or screw and the body of the unit is mounted directly above your door. This unit is great in garages where the headroom is very limited.
Choosing a motor that is strong enough to lift your garage door, is very important. You will need at least a motor with A� hp to lift a double size door. It is even best to use a larger and stronger motor on a single door, because it will just last much longer.
To reduce the time spent in your driveway waiting for your door to open, you need to go for one of the higher-end openers. They open at a greater speed, but they still close at a slower standard speed.
All garage doors openers by law have to have a safety mechanism which will be activated when the door hits something in its path. The safety mechanism will usually stop any further movement of the door and reverse the movement as well.
Today’s garage doors openers use “rolling codes” for the best security. A new random code is generated each time you press your remote control to open the door. This prevents anybody from stealing your code and your neighbours remote will not interfere with your door either.
Remote controls differ in that you get some with only one button, and some that has two or even more buttons. The multi-button control is handy when you have more than one garage door with different openers installed.
Another new accessory is the fixed control keypads that can be mounted on the wall inside or outside of your garage. They allow you to open and close your garage Garage Door Opener Remote door without a remote. Some keypads allow features like delayed closing of your garage door, as well as closing your door for a fixed period of time.
Most of the openers available will have a light installed that turns on automatically as you start opening Garage Door Safety Cable your door. It will stay on long enough to allow you to get out of your car and enter your house.

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