Over the years, garage gates and garage gate openers have evolved greatly in their layout, design and architecture. Because of this, garages have now become an indispensable part of a household. A lot of people are anxious about how to protect their vehicles from intruders and bad weather. A well built garage will without any doubt provide them a sense of security they are so impatiently looking for.
Among these issues, protection from bad weather is a very important concern because it can affect millions of vehicles at once. Hence, all modern garages are appropriately equipped to deal with bad weather conditions. This is mainly right on the Northern part where the temperature is below 0o for most time of the year and in the Southern part where very high temperatures stay for longer periods. In this article, we look upon certain garage door openers which are specially built for such environments.
Screw Driven Garage Gate Openers
The screw driven garage door opener is the latest of its kind to have hit the market. They are specially designed to run quietly even during Modern Garage Door Designs intense temperatures. The idea behind these screw driven garage door openers is rather simple i.e., to prevent them from malfunctioning.
Let us take a close look at how these doors are able to handle the tough weather conditions to which they are subjected to throughout the year.
Working in Cold Garage Door Kits Diy Climates
Screw Driven Garage door openers come with a sturdy one piece steel rail. This eliminates binding and helps in reducing friction. It is also supplemented with an electric thermostat which adjusts itself automatically depending on the variations on the temperature. It will increase the force applied by the opener on the garage door as the climate gets colder. This will ensure flawless and optimal performance of the door.
Working in Hot Temperatures
Screw Driven Garage door openers also come with a no-lube drive system. This mechanism sees to that there is no debris or dirt accumulated on the door which can lead to binding when the temperature becomes hotter.
Alternate Backup Power
Also, a very usual scenario in bad weather is the risk of a power failure. Screw driven openers usually come with a good battery backup that helps them stay functional even when there is no power.
Living in drastic weather conditions, can be highly challenging at times because at such places we may be cut off instantly from all amenities all of a sudden. But thanks to the fast development in door technology, many models today can easily withstand difficult weather conditions.

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