Garage door openers are a great invention. No longer do you have to get out in the weather, find the key, unlock the garage door and then lift and open it by hand. The garage door openers have been around for much longer than most of us think. According to Wikipedia, the electric overhead garage door opener was invented by C.G. Johnson in 1926 in Hartford City, Indiana.

There are two types.

The Electric. Has a switch both inside and outside. The inside switch is usually a pushbutton and the outside can be key operated or have a keypad.

The Remote. This type of opener still has the pushbutton inside, but can control the door with a remote control. With the remote you can just push the button, usually kept inside the car, and the door will open. The remote, a transmitter, sends a signal to a receiver. The receiver in turn sends power to an electric motor which raises or lowers the door.

The automatic electric door openers of today are usually one of three types:

Chain Driven

Screw Driven Pella Garage Door Visualizer

Belt Driven

The chain driven operators are the least expensive to purchase. However, they are also produce the most noise. The screw driven operators cost about the same as the chain driven operators. Faux Wood Garage Doors But they produce somewhat less noise. The belt driven operators are considered to be the better of the three. They produce much less noise. But they also cost much more than the other two.

If you are replacing your automatic garage door opener, or just putting in an opener you will need to decide. Do you want to save money. If so then consider either the chain drive or the screw the other hand if you want an opener that produces much less noise, then the belt driven operator should be your choice. Just be aware that it will cost more.

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