Garage door operation may seem simple and relatively safe, but even a small malfunction or defect can cause a devastating accident. Many homeowners don’t consider the fact that the garage door is the largest piece of moving equipment in a house. Compared to regular Best Finish For Wood Garage Doors house doors, garage doors are massive moving structures that can potentially trap a person or object, causing severe injury or damage. Knowing how to detect a problem and safely address it can help to keep you and your family safe from a tragic accident.

Potential Risks

A falling garage door is a threat to anyone, but can be particularly harmful or even deadly for children. Most of these doors weigh upwards of 100 pounds and sometimes as much as 300 or 400 pounds. The weight of the door is supported by large springs and its movement is facilitated by casters on rails. Some of the possible risks that could lead to an accident include:

Defective or worn out springs that break, dropping the door

Defective or poorly installed casters that fail to safely guide the door up and down

Failed detectors that do not sense that an object Overhead Garage Door Reviews or person is blocking the door’s path

Broken door motor

Preventative Tips

If any part of a door is defective or breaks, the entire safety of the garage door may be compromised. It is therefore crucial for homeowners to check their doors regularly for potential problems. One of the greatest steps that you can take to protect your family is to teach your children about the dangers of garage doors. These preventative tips can help you avoid a future accident:

Check your door and door mechanism at least monthly for loose rails, rusted parts, stretched springs, faulty sensors, and broken parts

Do not allow children to play around the door

Install the door button at a height that children cannot reach

Keep door remotes away from children

If you begin to hear an unusual noise or notice a change in your door’s movement, have a technician inspect it as soon as possible

Staying vigilant and taking steps to address problems early on could save your family from costly personal injury or property damage caused by a falling garage door. Don’t hesitate to report a possible problem to an experienced technician; a small fix now could save you from a devastating accident later on.

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