The addition of a metal carport to your home can increase the value of your home while increasing the enjoyment you and your family have in your home. If you think carports are strictly for cars then you might be able to benefit Pictures Of Garage Doors On Houses from the wide numbers of uses a carport actually has. Of course, the vast majority of carports are intended to protect vehicles from the elements. However, some creative souls are using carports in other creative ways.
A friend of mine loves to entertain. His parties are legendary. He always manages to combine the right guests and food and his parties, big and small are always raved about. He lives on the west coast and regularly laments that he can’t trust the weather to cooperate with his party planning. This conundrum is experienced by many that live in British Columbia, Washington State, or Oregon State. In a flash of party planning brilliance he added a double wide carport to the side of his house!
My friend’s carport will never be used to protect his car from the elements. His carport has been transformed into an outdoor kitchen and bar area. In his situation the carport made a lot Insulated Garage Doors Prices of sense as his house already had a convenient side door that entered into his kitchen. He now has an indoor kitchen and an outdoor kitchen adjacent to one another. Let the party begin.
Carports can come in all sorts of different varieties. The most common type of carport is the one that attached to the side of your home or to the side of another structure. These types of carports generally have a single slop roof or a flat roof. The decision to have a flat roof allows you the potential to build a second story on top of the car port.
There are also free standing carports or stand alone carports. These structures are generally constructed away from the home and are generally used to store seasonal vehicles like RVs or farm equipment. Some creative souls have constructed free standing carports for use as picnic shelters. In this manner the carport is used much like a gazebo.
The creative use of a carport can really extend the living space of your house. With a few tweaks and special planning the carport could be used for vehicle storage during some months and used as living space during some other months. Consider adding a metal carport to your home.

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