Updating your garage door and garage door openers can be a hassle, however knowing what type of product you want and what would fit your home best can make the process go a lot faster. Garage door openers come in a variety Sectional Garage Doors With Pedestrian Access of different styles to fit your door as well as your home set up. Sometimes bigger isn’t always better and it is suggested that the best door openers only need about A� horse power for a standard two car garage.
The most standard and recognizable opener is the belt drive model. Belt drive models are similar to chain drives; however they use a strong rubber belt instead of the traditional chain belt. Choosing between chain drive and belt drive is all reliant on personal preference. The belt and chain drives are often considered some of the cheapest openers but still contain the same dependability as some of the more expensive models. Although belt drives are not recommended if your bedroom is right above the garage, certain Park Smart Garage Wall Guard belt drive models contain characteristics to make the track quieter. Another added benefit to the belt drive model is it’s considered one of the easiest models to install. Especially for individuals who enjoy do-it-yourself projects, which makes it great to bypass service calls and repairmen. Belt drive models also come with the upgraded motor belt drive. For some products this includes the added strength for the most severe weather conditions, as well as allowing you to open your garage door during power outages.
For custom or wood doors, the carriage house door openers are most commonly installed. Wood and custom doors need a more specific model because of the weight, height, or design of the door. Some custom and wood doors swing outward or slide. Carriage house door openers are typically designed to pack a punch with A� horsepower strength. These professionally installed models even come with 2-speed customizable features. The design of the opener allows smoother operation and a longer life.
Screw drive openers are notably some of the best performance openers on the market and some of the most expensive as well, but still ballpark in relation to other door openers. Known for its optimal performance screw drive openers are great for long term purpose as well as the smoothness and quietness of the operation. In correlation to its design very little service or adjustments ever need to be made to screw drive openers.
Safety and reliability are still the most essential features when purchasing garage door openers. For doors and openers it’s important that meet local codes and ordinances as well as contain specific safety features such as automatic retraction when something gets in the way at the bottom. If there are any doubts to your ability to install or you just have questions about products don’t be afraid to ask around to get the best advice.

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