Many older homes are built without attached garages or carports. This can be frustrating for homeowners who live in areas with extreme weather conditions. Brushing off snow and scraping off ice in the winter can be a miserable experience. In the summer, cars left out the direct sun can become stiflingly hot. However, Industrial Garage Door Springs for some homeowners, trying to expand the home and create an attached garage or carport can be time-consuming and costly. Another option is to install a freestanding custom built pre-manufactured steel carport on the property. If a homeowner decides to go for this option, there are many types to choose from.
Two main types of carports are double open carports and partially enclosed carports. Some people prefer double open carports with all sides open and the roof supported by thin vertical supports, like the kind seen at apartment buildings or businesses. Carports like these can even be installed over existing boat docks to create coverage for docked boats.
Partially enclosed carports are a popular option for large SUVs and RVs or other large vehicles that may be difficult to maneuver. Generally, these types of carports are completely enclosed on two or more sides and have an open entrance and exit side. Partially enclosed carports can also be used to store farm equipment, boats, and other vehicles.
Carports are different than garages in that they offer limited protection and usually have only two walls. Some homeowners prefer The Spruce Garage Doors carports because of the ease of exit and entry. Also, carports can be built in a variety of custom sizes, heights, and widths.

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