If you are planning on organizing a trade show or an outdoor event, use pop up canopies to protect your products from the elements and storage. These easy-to-assemble and dissemble canopies will make the process less hectic for your personnel.
Pop Up Canopies: Features
Typically, pop up canopies are available in varied sizes ranging from 5’x5′-10’x20′. These canopies have two components, the frame and the top. The frame may be constructed of metal, steel or aluminum. Steel frames are How To Install Electric Roller Garage Door heavier, but are less expensive than aluminum frames. Also, steel frames last longer since they do not rust easily. Aluminum frames are convenient to be carried around because they are generally lightweight metal.
Most canopy tops are made of Oxford polyester, a fabric rated in denier units. While buying, ensure that the denier rating of the fabric is 500 because a rating above this number will increase weight without adding any value to the material.
A straight-leg canopy is generally preferred to a slant-leg one because the former offers a square footage from the leg base to the top. A 10×10 straight-leg canopy would provide 100 square feet of shade. A 10×10 slant-leg canopy would offer only 80 square feet of shade which is approximately 20% less square footage, as compared to straight-leg canopy.
Pop Up Canopies: Additional Advantages
Pop up canopies are versatile; meaning that they can be used with, or without walls. At a trade fair, a canopy without walls would indicate Mice Garage Door that you wish that potential customers to freely walk into the tent. A canopy with walls proves useful in detrimental weather conditions.
These canopies can be customized to display logo graphics and colors of your choice. Some commercial companies manufacture canopies using silk screening to print messages or designs on canopy tops and walls. This will help to increase you brand visibility at any event. Not only at corporate events, these canopies are preferred for bonfire parties and beachside weddings due to their fire-retardant and water-resistant properties.
Generally, the material of a canopy is durable and possesses an inherent rip-stop quality which ensures that a slight tear will not cause a bigger rent in the tent. A UV ray blocking material proves especially useful during sporting events or the farmer’s market in the summer months.
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