Why Is Choosing The Right Floor Tiles For Your Home Extremely Important?

When choosing different types of ceramic floor tiles and porcelain floor tiles is extremely important that you get the right type to suit your property and needs. The reason is because when renovating the home choosing the right combination of colours and materials can ensure that you add value to your property and also have a durable floor as well that will last a long time.

Firstly it is important is to understand the difference between ceramic and porcelain floor tiles. Although they are extremely similar in the way that they look and feel but the density of porcelain floor tiles is much more making them a longer lasting and are a more suitable tile for the outdoors and areas that are going to be used a lot.

Certain ceramic floor tiles are still extremely good in quality and durability and can sometimes be found in slightly different colours and textures to their porcelain counterparts. It is important before you choose a style floor tiles that you work out what type of usage the area is going to get. If for example you are tiling and area that is going to house a shower and will have a lot of water draining from it then you don’t want go for porcelain tiles as they will not absorb as much water.

Ceramic floor tiles can be used in a bathroom where a shower is going to be housed in a shower tray and the bath area is nicely secured. This will mean that you can choose different styles to go with the d?�cor that you have chosen in your bathroom.

Kitchen areas usually need floor tiles that are hard wearing and stain proof. Porcelain tiles can do exactly that and minimise the amount of stain absorption that takes place. They are also hard wearing and are ideal for a busy area. It is recommended to choose darker colours as any dirt and staining that may occur will not show up and it will reduce the amount of ageing that takes place.


Choosing floor tiles should be done carefully and the cost and type of usage of the room should be considered before a purchase is made. Some tile shops will offer a free design service and may also allow you to bring tile samples home overnight to see how they would look in your surroundings.

To summarise, some of the benefits of choosing ceramic styles are that you can find tiles to match, and porcelain is extremely hard wearing and does not absorb stains easily.

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