Frequently homeowners inquire, which is the best working garage door opener. The answer is, it depends! There are A1 Garage Door Service Wichita Ks 3 types of garage door openers to look at, and each is suited for a type of style of living. Only you can decide.
Which Garage Door Opener is Best?
If you were asked which is the best laundry detergent, or which is the best pasta sauce, you wouldn’t even think twice about your answer. There are items we purchase and use so often that it’s easy for us to try new things and quickly determine what is best, what we like, and what we will continually use. But it’s not often that we need to shop for a garage door opener. In fact, you probably will only do it once in your life, maybe twice if you move to a new home. So how can you go about deciding what is best?
Don’t worry, this short summary will help you evaluate the facts about each type of door opener, this way you can make the right decision about which is best for your needs.
Three Types of Garage Door Openers
1. Chain Drives – The most common and typically the cheapest, chain drives use a metal chain to run. However the concession is a noisy motor. So the question is, do you care about noise? If your garage is detached or you want to hear what hour your teenagers are coming home at night this might be a good option. But if you’d rather no sound, maybe because there are bedrooms above the garage, the chain drive might not be for you.
Summary: Most economical but loudest. Best if you have a not connected to your home garage or don’t care about noise.
2. Belt Drives – These are the most popular and for good reason. Belt drives, like chain drives, are very dependable but unlike their noisy brethren they run nearly silent, thanks to their rubber belt! connected garage or hate loud noise, think about choosing this one].Keep in mind though that belt drives are usually more expensive than chain drives, so there is a concession. Most professional garage door opener installers recommend these.
Summary: Quietest but more costly. Best if you have an attached garage or don’t like noise.
3. Screw Drives – Unlike the chain or belt, the screw drive uses a threaded steel rod. Problem is they don’t work so well in extreme cold or heat, Impact Glass Garage Doors Cost making them a poor choice for most of the country. Slow moving and noisy, screw drives are moderately priced compared to the other options
Summary: Best if you live in a region with constant climate. Noisy and slow moving.
Ok, Just How Loud Are These Things?
You can read about these openers all you want, but you really need to hear to them for yourself. You can head on over to a garage opener company and check out their showroom. Alternatively, you can visit a neighbor to listen to how loud their spring is.

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